Our active shooter training was created by SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, former FBI Agents and former Secret Service Agents, Psychologists and Teachers. We are the only company that utilizes so many different experts for active shooter training in schools, businesses, workplaces, etc. This training program is uniquely created for teachers and is specialized for school staff. Attacks on schools have increased over the past 20 years and schools need to adapt from these attacks. Our goal is to empower all school staff and educate them on how to survive an attack. Armoured One pushes for every single school staff member to be trained in the district. We know that Active Shooter needs to be taught in baby steps to your staff, so we have created 3 levels of training to build confidence in your staff. You never know when or where an attacker will strike, so you need to prepare everyone. We encourage all local police agencies to join our training events in their districts.



Armoured One’s tactical security glass is shooter/attack certified and can be made with options such as fire rated, insulated units, various levels of bullet resistance, etc. This type of glass is an excellent option for new construction or remodel projects where installers can use recommended standard size vision kits and drop our tactical security glass right into place. Armoured One glass has been developed by active shooter experts and is designed to slow down or deter an attacker who is trying to gain entry through the glass with force or a gun.


Armoured One Security Assessments were created by SWAT Team Operators, Homeland Security Active Shooter Experts, a former Navy SEAL Master Chief, a Delta Force Team Leader, Engineers and Architects. We are the only company that utilizes so many different experts for Security Assessments. Armoured One quickly learned that security decisions for schools were being made by the school district and their architect firms. Our concern is that none of these decision makers are experts in active shooter attacks. When a school is completing a capital project the decisions made during the remodel can save lives. The recommendations made in our assessments have already saved lives in schools. 

Security AssessmentsArmoured One's goal is to deter, prevent, defend and protect against an individual or individuals who are targeting a school, its teachers and its students in an Active Shooter (mass killing) or deadly aggressive behavior incident. The recommendations are to the physical and technological infrastructure of the school building/grounds to improve security against a shooter or attacker. These changes and recommendations will help create cover or concealment from an attacker and buy time for the innocent to react and increase their chance of survival. Armoured One’s security assessments are specifically focused on areas in need of improvement based on actual, real life case studies of past Active Shooters at schools in the United States. The history of attacks at schools helps determine security improvements for a safer school environment. It also helps to locate potential safe rooms to be used during an active shooter event or other aggressive deadly behavior incident and assists in developing an effective security plan or an Emergency Preparedness Plan.

 Armoured One is typically hired by the School’s Architect Firm to complete the Security Assessment. Each and every building in the School District has an assessment completed. An individual report is complete on each building. The report is about 40-50 pages long. Digital and high-quality prints are included for each building.



In the US there is an active shooter incident that happens every day and when your building needs to go into lockdown, it is important to have glass that is designed to slow down or deter an attacker from gaining entry with a gun. If you have glass that you're not planning on replacing, then our shooter/attack/bomb resistant security film is a great option. It's the first film to be shooter/attack certified, which means it is designed for bullets to go through, but will still hold together for longer than typical safety film. Armoured One’s security film was designed by active shooter experts and is military/police grade. Installation of our 23MIL film is applied on the most inside surface of your existing glass and anchored to your existing framing. Our films are much thicker and utilize a patented adhesive technology that allows us to achieve the strength that other films cannot.

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